About us

We are a Polish company manufacturing and service enjoyed a widespread and continual confidence both at home and abroad. Year Founded in 1983, already more than 30 years of experience and tradition.

We are engaged in wide-ranging treatment of steel and stainless steel. We specialize in manufacturing stainless steel railings, stair construction, roofing. We always provide professional and practical help customizing a wide range of products to individual customer needs. In this way we have become industry leaders in the southern Polish steel railings.


We carry the largest investment companies from Poland and our region


With our participation were created objects such as Krakow Gallery, Gallery Jaslo, Hotel Gromada in Warsaw, Hotel Krynica, apartment "Glass Houses" in Zakopane, also countless implementation in private homes.


Technology park:

  • Gientarki
  • Gilotyny
  • Walcownice
  • Piece do malowania proszkowego
  • Prasa mimośrodowa
  • Tokarki
  • Wiertarki stołowe
  • Frezarki
  • Przecinarki taśmowe
  • Spawarki TIG VIPER 225P Digital, TH 1600 BLUMASTER, PLAZ MIG STER 200

Bogata lista naszych realizacji świadczy o nas najlepiej. Zaufało nam już wiele firm, instytucji a także osoby prywatne - dołącz do nich!


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